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Coach Cantafio,
I had my godson, Jon Long at your camp over the past weekend.  He was a 9th grade wide receiver.  I just wanted to tell you how impressed we both were with the entire camp.  He said to me on the way home yesterday, "I am a better football player than I was before I came to camp because I learned so many little things that I never knew about playing wide receiver"  
He was very happy with the individual attention that he got from the Lancaster Catholic coaches and from Coach Felus (who happened to play in same conference we are in) From my eyes, I saw an extremely well run camp with coaches taking time to mentor every player there.  The facility was fantastic.  It was obvious from the beginning to the end why your camp has such a great reputation.  
Thank you for putting this together to give all of these young men the chance to be better.  
We will be spreading the word in Western Pa about the quality and content of the SVS QB/WR camp. 
We will definitely be back.  


Todd Smith




Hi Coach, I wanted to pass on good news; My son Kevin just signed to play QB at Sacred Heart University in the D1-AA Northeast Conference. He is a scholarship player that will redshirt in his freshman year and will enroll in the 5 year MBA program. Last year Sacred Heart finished 10-3 and lost to Fordham in the first round of the FCS playoffs. I'm writing to thank you and your coaches who tweaked and helped sharpen his QB skills over the past 4 years. Each trip we made to the Lancaster area was a primer that helped him focus on his mechanics and becoming a leader both on the field and off. Part of why I am writing is to ask if he is still allowed to attend your camps as a graduating Senior. I think he was hoping to be able to attend a camp sometime between May and July, depending on his baseball schedule. I understand if he is not able to attend and again appreciate all of the guidance your program has provided.


Dave Duke



Coach Cantafio,


I want to take the time and thank you and your staff for being such constructive roll models in my son’s life. As a mother, I thank God everyday for my children's health and their happiness. (You can't put a price on your child's smile that's from ear to ear no matter what their age!) Aside from the knowledge and skills he’s gained, Paul has thoroughly enjoyed himself the past few years as he attended your camps. EVERYTIME Paul came home from an SVS camp he would talk about the outstanding SVS Football Camp experience, all the Coaches he learned from, the guys he met and played along side of. I can’t tell you the countless times I have heard him discussing “Coach Cantafio “ and all of the SVS coaches.

My son has always been an extremely positive roll model in my home, amongst family, constantly in the company of his friends and relentlessly as a team player. He understands the difficult task of victory as well as the setbacks and defeat. The time, interest and instruction you have given Paul are immeasurable. I am certain all your support and encouragement, along with my husband and I as parents, has contributed to Paul’s ability to rise above (as I would call them) a few of life’s little bumps in the road.  I am most positive he will reflect back at all the skills, lessons and knowledge he has gained from SVS, and apply them toward "ALL" of his life experiences yet to come.

Thank you once more for your influence, constructive expertise and leadership skills my son has gained from your “Pinnacle” Football Program. I am sure in Paul’s future, when he does look back at the relationships and the experiences with “Coach Cantafio” and the SVS Football program, not only will he keep making good choices but he will also be sporting a "HUGE" smile. 




Debbie Aliseo

Coach Cantafio,

I wanted to take a minute to personally thank you for all you have done for Mike this off-season.  He has improved tremendously thanks to you, your camps and your staff.  He is feeling good and ready for the season....we have you to thank for that.  Thanks also to the leadership skills you teach, he was named Captain yesterday.  Very, very unusual at Palmyra for a Junior!  We will be working with you again this winter/spring/ always, we are looking forward to it.  Have a GREAT season, I know you will.  Hope to see you soon.




Hi Coach,

From the parents of a receiver (Elan Nash), we'd like to say thank you very much for all you do! Your camps are a great experience in every way, thank you!



Randi & Kevin Nash 

I just wanted to write a quick note to say how impressed I was with your football camp and to thank you for how you treated Ethan the whole weekend. When he saw all those giants, as he called them, he was very aprehensive about everything, but you, your staff, and all the boys really made him feel special. From competing with the "big boys" to being included in the 7 on 7 game and scoring a TD during lunch on Saturday, to all the instruction..the whole weekend was a joy for him and for me. Ethan will definitely return for camp again and I will share the positive experience we had with all our Lenape Valley families. Thank you again.
- Scott Swieringa


I just wanted to let you know that Nick had a blast today. All he talked about the whole way home was how much fun he had, and now he wants to do the May clinic. Also, he asked when, or if, he could get some private lessons. You and your staff do a trememdos job. I just wanted to thank you.

-Anthony E. Maras

I just wanted you to know that you put on an awesome QB instructional camp. I was very pleased. Our nine hour drive was worth it. Martel totally enjoyed it and learned to valuable things. One, keep his non-throwing elbow close to his body and drive through. Two, depth, eyes and leverage...we heard it before, but never like you explained it.

-James E. Campbell


I would like to commend you and your staff on a job well done at the Winter Technique Camp. Connor had a great experience while gaining a better understanding of proper throwing mechanics. I know that he will be able to throw the ball with more power and velocity this season.

-John King


I have been coaching for the past 18 years, at all levels, from high school down to 2nd grade. Your camp was the best camp that I have ever seen. As a parent, I want to find a way to have my son be part of your program in some way, shape, or form. I really believed that what he learned from you and your staff last year, set him up to have the great year that he did.

-Mike Meyers


My son Matt is looking forward to his second year at your camp. I am very impressed with his progress since his first QB camp with your staff last year.

-John Duff, Jr.


Let me say thank you for the experience that my son Kaden had a few weeks ago at the QB Winter Technique school that you held in Reading. He not only learned a great deal but enjoyed himself immensely as well. This is the first experience he has had in going to a “camp” and it certainly was well worth it. Again, thank you!

-Wayne D.


Thank you again for all the first class coaching advice. We enjoyed the day. Your staff is great. Look forward to seeing you again in Frederick, MD in June.

-Seth & Gail & Ryan Sehrer

I just wanted to write a quick note to you that Coach Feltman (East Juniata Football Coach) & Coach Nawa spoke very highly of your football camp and after traveling to Fredricksburg to your camp last week, I must agree. I think you and your staff do a very nice job. Thank you for taking the time to work with these young players. I know Kyle learned a lot and is now inspired to work on the position that Coach Feltman asked him to play. This camp not only helped Kyle with many of the mechanics he needed to learn in a very short time, but it also helped with confidence to think that he will be able to do what the team needs him to do. Now it is up to him to work on the fundamentals that he learned at the camp. Again, thank you to you and your staff.

-Matt Pennebecker


Once again your one day QB/WR camp was outstanding. Your approach to including attitude (on the field, in the classroom, with parents), dedication (on the field and in the weight room), and leadership, in addition to the basic skills, is right on track. Parents really appreciate you covering all the important aspects of not only becoming accomplished athletes, but also accomplished human beings in all aspects of life. My two sons and I will be looking forward to another camp next year.

-Roger Frazier


Personally I got a lot out of your camp and was able to help my son improve his throwing motion. Let me explain…my son said that the team of instructors were constantly pointing out what he did that was wrong but didn’t tell him how to fix the problems. Simply saying, “get your elbow up” doesn’t always make sense to an individual when they can’t see where their elbow is during a drill. Because I was watching what my son was doing throughout the camp and comparing it to what the better QB’s were doing. I was able to observe the differences and pass that info along to my son between the various break points in your program. By the end of the second day, my son said that he felt he experienced an improvement in his motion and his precision. I viewed the DVD that you mailed to my son and found that to be very helpful. It would be great if you could give more of that one-on-one input during the camp. With so many at the camp, I realize that it would be difficult. -Joe Jensen Many thanks to a well organized camp. My son Cole is still talking about the camp (which he attended May 30 & 31) and really enjoyed the Leadership classes and lectures provided by Mr. Masters. Thanks again for the well organized and informative camp. We hope to see you next year. 

-Kirby and Sandra Smith


Dylan loved your camp. I wished I had started with you guys 2 or 3 years ago. I sent Dylan to the Princeton camp the last 3 years. That was fine but, seeing how you run your camp in comparison to the Princeton (mega camp), well like I said, I wish I had known better. I coached Pop Warner for a number of years and I hate kids standing around, standing in lines getting bored while coaches shot the bull. I like how you get all the kids lots of reps and lots of coaching. I don’t know if Dylan will play in college or not but, it was nice to have some college players and coaches around. Our thinking on this all along was about improving his skills and getting him the best High School Senior year we could get. I think your camp went a long way toward that goal. Good luck to you and your team this coming year.

- Dan & Dylan Martin


All I can say is …………….. CLASS ACT!!!!!! Our Football Coach, Jim Gober, from Morrisville (Bulldogs) High School wanted us to send Mattie to you last year. It didn’t work out, but we made a point to get him there this year. My husband was VERY impressed, and Mattie is very glad he went. He is a good kid all around, and your camp has only helped him with his skill. We are looking forward to a Great Season. And he will be back again next year. Thank you.

- Kelly Stintsman


Luke’s dad was killed in a car accident a few years back…This is his second year at your camp. I always welcome positive role models into his life. He had a blast. Thank you.

-Kimberly Patterson


Once again, my son thoroughly enjoyed the SVS QB Camp and left the camp with new knowledge and skills to work on over the summer. We loved the fact that your coaching staff all returned with you at the Fredericksburg camp - you guys worked together perfectly and your positive energy is passed onto the kids. We loved it and will see you next year.       Thank you.

-Theresa Knizner


Once again the camp experience was great for my son and myself. I am coaching high school football this year and each year I gain valuable training and coaching techniques. My younger son cannot wait until he can attend the camp. Again thank you and looking forward to next year and the future when my son will be able to attend more than the mini camp.

- Greg Merchlinski


This year his Pop Warner football camp was run by Methacton football coaches. And although the QB coach taught a different approach, he left Matt alone and was impressed with his skill and mechanics. We plan on joining your winter clinics and probably will be with you again in the spring.

-John Duff


I really just wanted to say thank you for giving my son the opportunity to join the QB camp this past weekend. He loved every moment of it. I know he was the youngest there and I really can’t express the thanks for you allowing him to even sign up.

- Joyce Davis


To attend a football camp and be taught technique, throwing motion and formations are to be expected. However SVS taught our son Alex how to provide leadership on the field and that is what sets this camp apart. Thanks to all the coaches for making this a great camp and to you for organizing it.

- Amos Dienner


Billy Alexander said this was the best experience for him. He learned a great deal and brought what he learned back to his teammates. He bragged about the camp and how great everyone was. I hope he will be able to attend more in the future.

- Jenn Reid


My son had a blast at camp. He learned a lot in just a few short hours. Your staff was awesome. Being that Dylan is going to be a senior this year we all wished we had known about your camps sooner. I have passed your camp information onto some of the younger kids parents. My husband and I also enjoyed being able to watch the kids while they were learning. The complex is awesome. I wish we had one in our area. Please tell your staff that they really are appreciated. Thanks for everything.

- Sheri Oralls


My son Joshua Malone, though the camp was great. He is usually a running back for his football team, but since he has begun to grow, he has been playing a wide receiver. Since his strength is his speed, we thought he ought to try being a quarterback. We loved the “skills” that were shared with him so that he could develop a proper way to throw a football. We will be back.

- Rebecca Malone


We had a great time at camp. My son’s coach can see the improvement that just one camp made with his footwork!! We will DEFINATELY be back next year!!!

- Pam, Bill and William Polhamus


Jason got quite a lot from your camp and would like to attend again next year. His coaches have noticed a marked difference in his throwing and we are all looking forward to this coming season. We will keep you informed about the progress of his season.

- Scott Smith


Adam thoroughly enjoyed the camp this year. I think he was a little more mature which helped as well. The coach-to-athlete ratio was great. Probably not for you from a business perspective, but I know Adam got plenty of reps. More importantly, I really appreciated you taking time for 1-on-1 with Adam. Take care, and good luck this season. We will see you next year for continued instruction.

-Brian Huber


My son Josh had a great time at camp and he learned a lot. I noticed a big difference in his throwing technique. I hope to see you again in 2010. Thanks again!

-Joe LoBasso


Thank you for everything you taught me at SVS camp it has helped tremendously aI’m starting to really do well. I transferred from Middletown High School South and now am at Red Bank Regional High School I am starting JV and will get Varsity reps as a sophomore. I just want to thank you for teaching me all these great skills and can’t wait for SVS camp in 2010.

- Terence Scanlona  

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